January 2016

I initiated this website in January 2016. It was and remains a one-man band. Within a handful of weeks, I had to shut it down. It needed work, attention, and updates far beyond my available time and my capabilities. I cried that day!

I am now trying again (August 2020). The people of Lebanon today are in dire need of support. A must is a working plan to ascend them from situations the reigning religious and factional groups led them into, since 1990.

Needless say but matters in Lebanon have gone from bad to worse to hell… There would never be a light at the end of the tunnel if we, citizens, just accept the saying: “It is what it is”.

Fortunately for Lebanon, she still has two solid assets:

  1. The National Army that never ceased to have the respect and the trust of all.
  2. The once called silent majority which is now most of the citizens seeking the replacement of the political system with a new modern one. Strong among the people is this wonderful well educated and culturally affluent young women and men of Lebanon.

With all this in mind, I have put forward for your consideration, a plan, and a way to move forward by effecting change and achieving desired objectives for a new and better in Lebanon. Featured, is a new electoral law that may appeal to a great majority of the citizens of Lebanon and its diaspora.

The key elements of the electoral law and the plan for steps forward are no means rigid or fixed ideas.

On offer is a paper which does need your input. It requires debate, critique, amendments, additions, and changes to be built upon to become a genuine plan serving as a catalyst to achieve results and winning endorsements by most citizens.

Below is the original 2016 text of my welcome message. Recall how bad it was then and compare it to the hell we are in now.