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Lutheran World Relief works to fight poverty and promote a more just and peaceful world by helping people help themselves. Your support provides the foundation for LWR’s work. In times of emergency, our goal is to help communities cope with and recover from emergencies in ways that promote lasting improvements in people’s living conditions. The way we work is the most efficient, effective path that we have found to affect positive and enduring change. By building on the resources that exist in a community, our projects create sustainable development. We attack poverty at its roots — where problems such as poor health, hunger, lack of skills or opportunity and environmental issues are all woven together — to break down the barriers that trap people in cycles of poverty and make them especially vulnerable to crises. At the same time, we build up the community’s core assets — resources such as labor and skills, health and a healthy environment — that allow people to pursue productive lives. Our goal is always to identify local solutions to poverty that can be replicated and scaled up to reach an ever increasing number of people.


700 Light St, Baltimore, MD 21230-3850 http://lwr.org/ LuthWorldRelief LuthWorldRelief LutheranWorldRelief

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