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My first attempt: 1/2016

This website is a Cry from the Heart. It offers the People of Lebanon, a Call for a New Citizenship Frame of Mind, and Proposes what it believes should be the priority in Lebanon, A New Electoral Law.

Lebanon has a GDP among the top third of World Countries, yet the Lebanese stun their friends and acquaintances from around when they share with them that the Lebanese continue to live, since the end of their 15 year civil war,  25 years ago, with little or no power supply, with little or no water supply, now with a vacant Presidency position, with a parliament that has been in place for 10 years, yet its mandate was meant for 4, with sewage that overflows with every rain, with 750,000 tons of uncollected trash, tossed between schools and hospitals, with a public debt of $16,000 per each man, woman, child or elderly, borrowed specifically to finance and rebuild Lebanon’s infrastructure, which never materialized, with an attainment of a country corruption index level among the highest in the world…

Feeling Embarrassed and Guilty the Lebanese naively fight back only through populating posts and comments, all over the internet, praising the beauty of their country. Lebanon is indeed an extremely beautiful country, but it is undeniable that the details in the paragraph above are, barely, part of the whole truth.

Lebanon’s leaders can rule without constraint and successfully mismanage the country and milk its wealth, simply because the Lebanese are mostly incapable of saying NO or ENOUGH. Their psyche has all been but completely broken.

It is exactly this Lebanese attitude that we, at Lebanonese, fault for allowing the worse to get worst in Lebanon. The consequences are, a degrading level of civility, and a demeaning pride of their Citizenship the Lebanese people find themselves in.

Having faith in those young women and men who have already taken it to the street in defiance, we are offering this platform to engage the people of Lebanon and encourage them to surmount their nonchalant attitude, embrace and adopt these twin ideas:

  • A Lebanonese frame of mind, A Citizenship mind-set, where, as the name suggest, the name LEBANON precedes the “ESE” that turns it into a Nationality name; a Citizenship outlook with the Motto: “What’s Good for Lebanon, is Good for me” (See: Lebanonese)

  • An Electoral Law Proposal for Lebanon: This One is Capable of Remedying Most of All of what the Citizens of Lebanon endure. It puts the onus of the future of the Republic of Lebanon in the hands of its Citizens (Read about the Proposed Law).

This website is a solo effort, for now. It is a Cry from the Heart. It offers the People of Lebanon, a Call for a New Citizenship Frame of Mind, and Proposes what it believes should be a priority for Lebanon:  A New Modern Electoral Law. Through our Proposal, an unprecedented Must is advanced. It is a Termination to the total domination and subjugation of all the Government Affairs by a handful of party leaders, through the Parliament.