Why Read us?

In Lebanon, all have heard of the so called Orthodox Electoral Law which proposed that every sect elects its own parliamentary representatives. This was rightfully and thankfully shunned down.

All have equally heard of another suggestion. An electoral law which would turn Lebanon into One Electoral Geographical Area or One District. This one has been deemed inconceivable by some Christian leaders. For them, this means that Christian members of Parliament will be voted in by mostly Moslem voters, since non-Christians are a clear majority in the country.

The good news about the two floated ideas above is that there is a clear understanding that a change in electoral law is desperately needed. But which new electoral law is acceptable to most Lebanese? Which one would not be vetoed by the entirety of a major religion or sect?

Also, how can we initiate change when many in the current ruling echelon do not want change?

How would we surmount the obvious unwillingness of many to facilitate or plan a change?

The current electoral law is the route to re-elect the same warlords and therefore it is the route to the demise of the Republic of Lebanon. Two elections are scheduled in 2022, the general elections (parliamentary), and the presidential election. We cannot afford to re-elect them again in 2022.

But wait! There may be a light at the end of the tunnel!

Lebanonese.org proposes on this website a new electoral law which merits to be read. This proposal, in conjunction with another on rehabilitating the notion of citizenship, may truly help bring a new start to the beautiful country we so much love.

Please, please, please, give us the chance to be read, and discussed.